Waterfall: a new player on the BOPP film market

The new player in the polymer materials market was one of the highlights of the 9th International Conference "Polymers in Packaging" held in Moscow this week. Mr. Vincenzo Morandi, Managing Director of the Waterfall Plant, presented the experts the new project carried out by Megapolis Group Holding Company and told about productive capacities of the future enterprise.

Over the past few years, the Russian BOPP film market has shown steady growth, while domestic producers could not meet the market demands and provide it with certain types of packaging materials. In the light of that, launching of a new high-tech enterprise is of fundamental importance for the development of the industry and it is attracting the attention of potential customers already at the stage of creation.

Waterfall will become one of Russia’s most state-of-the-art packaging industry enterprises. Its innovative production lines by DORNIER will allow producing a wide range of BOPP films that are now in high demand on the market. Implementation of the most modern equipment ensures the highest quality of the films produced, while the favorable location of the enterprise simplifies the transportation of finished products and allows reducing its cost for the consumer.

“Waterfall’s main objective is to provide Russian enterprises with high-quality packaging materials and enter the foreign markets,” Mr.Vincenzo Morandi said. “The core of our business strategy is made by customer focus and production of high-quality competitive films – with support of our partners.”

The launch of Waterfall’s first production line is planned for June, 2015, and the second line will start operating in mid 2016. The enterprise’s production capacity will make 60.000 tons per year.

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