Quality Policy

The policy of “WATERFALL PRO” LLC in the field of quality and safety of food products is aimed at constantly ensuring high quality of products for consumers by improving the quality of technological, managerial and organizational processes.

A prerequisite for the successful implementation of the Policy in the field of quality and safety of food products of “WATERFALL PRO” LLC is the responsibility of each employee for the quality of products and ensuring the safety of food products.

We set the following goals

  • to develop, improve the production of products of competitive quality, ensuring the safety of food products in accordance with the requirements of consumers, international standards and legislation in the field of quality and food safety of products;
  • to deliver safe products to consumers in full and on time with a stable and high quality film;

Achieving the goals is provided by

  • continuous study and analysis of consumer demand, as well as the main trends (both domestic and foreign) in the production of BOPP films;
  • design and implementation of new technologies aimed at improving the quality and consumer properties of our products;
  • using safe and high-quality raw materials from leading manufacturers, confirmed by relevant certificates;
  • decrease in the number of claims from consumers for shipped products;
  • establishing trusting relationships with reliable suppliers and other interested parties, taking into account their understanding of needs and expectations, and further development of mutually beneficial relations;
  • constantly increasing the level of professional training and the use in labor production of only qualified personnel;

We are committed to

  • ensure compliance with FSSC 22000 and Quality management system requirements;
  • ensure quality control and food safety at all stages of the life cycle;
  • apply a process approach to the management of “WATERFALL PRO” LLC;
  • identify hazards and assess risks that affect the achievement of goals, take measures to manage identified risks;
  • manage hazardous factors of microbiological, chemical and physical origin, malicious interference affecting product safety;
  • ensure the procurement of quality raw materials allowed in the production of packaging and packaging materials;
  • improve performance and continuously improve quality management systems and food safety requirements;
  • ensure effective exchange of information on quality and food safety issues within the Company and beyond;
  • to create conditions for the training and development of personnel of “WATERFALL PRO” LLC in the field of quality and safety of products;
  • ensure the availability of resources necessary to achieve the goals, including information;
  • ensure that the Policy on the quality and safety of food products is brought to the attention of the employees of «WATERFALL PRO» LLC and its availability to all interested parties;

The management “WATERFALL PRO” LLC assumes responsibility for the implementation of the Policy and Goals in the field of quality and safety of food products.

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