Waterfall Launches Production of BOPP films with Release Effect

Waterfall team launched production of the transparent non-heat sealable recoverable BOPP film for printing and lamination with release-effect under GPR trademark. Such films are used for producing food packaging through the application of the cold glue frame on the flexible part of the packaging. Release-effect allows the manufacturers to avoid the welding process.
Application of the adhesives onto the surface does not cause the interplay adhesion of the film roll, thanks to the special properties it receives from applying adhesives based on natural and synthetic rubbers.

Among the main advantages of this packaging technology the experts mention the low temperature – 40-50 C° that is enough for the adhesive to provide reliable tight sealing of the edges. This technology significantly reduces the producing cost of the packaging while increasing its manufacturing speed. Along with that application of release-effect films significantly reduces the amount of waste at production launch. A small effort is enough to press the edges of the packaging together, while the effectiveness of the release-effect technology does not depend on the speed of the packaging machine. It is important to note that while the bonding of packaging edges with glue frame remains solid, the packaging structure is not destroyed when opened.

Due to its outstanding properties this release-effect BOPP film that is produced by Waterfall under GPR trademark provides the enterprise’s customers with a great variety of packaging materials combinations.

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