Waterfall’s general equipment supplier is DORNIER Company (Germany), specializing in design and manufacture of innovative equipment for high-quality polypropylene films production. State-of-the-art high-speed equipment by DORNIER is unparalleled in Russia and allows to ensure high productivity.
Its two innovative production lines can produce various types of 3 and 5-layer 10 to 60 microns thick BOPP films which allow to produce high-quality materials having better properties compared to traditional ones. Waterfall is producing BOPP films for various applications – printing, lamination, metallization, flexible packaging and manufacturing of composite film materials.
BOPP film is produced by continuous plane-slit co-extrusion of polypropylene followed by a two-stage orientation and thermal fixation of the film web. Due to its biaxial orientation the film acquires high physical and mechanical characteristics, optical properties and improved barrier properties. The film surface can undergo corona treatment on one or both sides, flame treatment or stay untreated.
The produced products are placed in the intermediate storage warehouse, where they acquire their final properties and then enter the primary slitters of the state-of-the-art KAMPF equipment. On the primary slitters finished products and semi-finished rolls are prepared for further width optimization of the formats on secondary KAMPF slitters and on ATLAS tobacco slitter. The metallizers by Applied Materials TopMet 2850 Series have the option of coating the semi-finished rolls with aluminum in a deep vacuum.
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